September 2020

Responding to seniors during COVID-19

With the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, The Jim Moran Foundation continues to provide emergency response grants for our nonprofit partners in Broward, Duval and Palm Beach counties with more than $6 million awarded since March. Seniors are especially vulnerable and isolated during this unprecedented time, and we are grateful for the many organizations serving older adults with compassion, dignity, commitment and heart.

Daniel Cantor Senior Center, one of the first senior centers in Broward County to re-open its doors during the pandemic, provides a safe, nurturing environment for its clients and caregivers. Meeting rooms were reconfigured according to CDC guidelines, and participant pictures were displayed to help seniors like Santo easily locate their space each day.

Goldie, age 101, was the first to say she was ready to return. “I was going nuts at home," she said. "Just to be at the Center again, I know that it will eventually be okay. Twice a week, I have something to look forward to."

Santo enjoys having his own spot at the Center.

Knowing that companion animals offer unconditional love and a reason for many to get up in the morning, The Pet Project strives to keep pets and people together by providing food, supplies and affordable veterinary services to low-income elderly, disabled and seriously ill pet owners in Broward County.

Since a majority of clients are high-risk and often apprehensive to leave home due to COVID-19, the organization's 200 home deliveries each month have skyrocketed to 500 each month.

Ann (center) and her cat, Jasmine, receive a donation from The Pet Project volunteers.

Alzheimer's Community Care in Palm Beach County has remained open throughout the pandemic with additional safety measures in place to serve patients and caregivers.

"Our families need us more than ever," said Mary M. Barnes, president & CEO. "Because of the support of funders like The Jim Moran Foundation, we are ensuring that all those on the 'frontline' of Alzheimer's disease are getting the dementia-specific support that they desperately need during this time."

Alzheimer's Community Care nurses offer specialized care each day.

Unable to now bring large groups safely together, Seniors on a Mission (SoaM) in Duval County has gone mobile. Staff and volunteers currently provide one-on-one "lawn chair" visits when they deliver food, masks and comfort bags of coloring books, reading material and other items to keep seniors engaged.

"People need people," said Joanne Hickox, executive director. With plans to downsize their physical office into a motor home, COVID-19 has prompted the organization to reconsider the best way to reach seniors.

Joanne loads delivery boxes for seniors