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About Us

Who We Are

With philanthropy as a cornerstone of Jim Moran's personal and business philosophy, Jim wanted to provide for a continuation of his giving back to the community into perpetuity. After many years of discussing the concept of a Foundation, in 2000, it began to take shape. Working with JM Family and a group of advisors, the groundwork for The Jim Moran Foundation and its funding began.

During the initial Board retreat, the Founding Board members had the opportunity to discuss with Jim Moran the reasoning behind his decision to create The Foundation and his philanthropic philosophies. With this insight, the following Mission Statement was developed and subsequently adopted by the Board of Directors:

The mission of The Jim Moran Foundation is to improve the quality of life for the youth and families of Florida through the support of innovative programs and opportunities that meet the ever-changing needs of the community.

Read Jim’s letter about forming his Foundation.

Jim Moran Foundation Archive

The Archives were established to collect, preserve and display property to tell the story of the life of Jim Moran. In February 2001, JM Family assigned to The Foundation all property or memorabilia of any nature or kind which JM Family owns that Jim Moran wrote, produced, designed, collected or received related to the life of Jim Moran.

The Mission Statement of the Archives approved by The Foundation's Board of Directors in October 2001:

Our mission is to preserve and share the story of Jim Moran, the organizations he created, his vision, his philosophies and his philanthropic contributions, through the identification, collection and cataloguing of memorabilia and other property (both physical and intellectual) of historical significance. Furthermore, we will create an environment that will provide for the proper display and protection of items related to the lifetime achievements of this extraordinary man.

Visit the Archives Gallery

Financial Support

Along with a contribution from Jim and Jan Moran, JM Family made an initial contribution to start the funding of The Foundation in December 2000. JM Family and its various affiliates have committed, through a long-term Grant Agreement, significant funding for many years to come based upon a percentage of the company’s profits. It is expected that the funding from this Grant Agreement will provide The Foundation with sufficient funds to create an endowment that will allow it to fulfill its mission into perpetuity.

In addition to the funding provided for in the Grant Agreement, JM Family agreed to provide The Foundation, at no charge, office space located at 100 Jim Moran Boulevard in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Board of Directors
Jan Moran

Chairman and President
Founding Director

Tom Blanton

Founding Director

Melanie Burgess

Executive Director
Assistant Secretary
Founding Director

Lucia Lopez


Larry McGinnes

Vice President
Founding Director

Dr. Melvin T. Stith

Founding Director

At the time The Foundation was incorporated, the Founding Board of Directors was selected. Jim Moran was joined by his wife, Jan, as President and Chairman of the Board, a long time friend Melvin Stith, Dean of the Florida State University College of Business, and three close associates, Tom Blanton, Melanie Burgess and Larry McGinnes, to complete the initial slate of six directors. This Founding Board of Directors was selected based on their long-term relationships with Jim Moran and the trust that he placed in them to establish the policies and procedures to carry out the mission of The Foundation and Jim's guiding philosophies.