Grantmaking Guidelines

The Jim Moran Foundation has established its Grantmaking Guidelines to assist organizations in the process of requesting funds to support projects that align with The Foundation's mission, as follows:

The mission of The Jim Moran Foundation is to improve the quality of life for the youth and families of Florida through the support of innovative programs and opportunities that meet the ever-changing needs of the community.

Current Funding Focuses

  • Education programs that provide academic enrichment and opportunities for quality learning.
  • Elder Care programs that improve the quality of life for at-risk seniors in our community.
  • Family Strengthening programs that provide safety and stability to children and families in our community including food security.
  • Youth Transitional Living programs that help at-risk youth and young adults achieve self-sufficiency.

General Parameters

  • The Foundation will only consider organizations that have received tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organizations must be appropriately recognized by state statutes, laws and regulations that govern tax exempt organizations.
  • Priority consideration will be given to proposals for programs that improve the quality of life for those who are at-risk and economically disadvantaged without extenuating medical conditions or circumstances.
  • Organizations may apply for operational support if it does not exceed 50% of the funding request.
  • Grants are primarily awarded for programs serving residents in the following Florida counties:
    • Broward
    • Palm Beach
    • Duval
  • The Foundation will not accept unsolicited requests for the following:
    • Capital campaigns
    • Capacity building
    • Health care/medical research
    • Scholarships to individuals
    • Event sponsorships

Application Process

Stage One: Submitting a Letter of Inquiry

Qualifying organizations should submit an online Letter of Inquiry Application (see section below). The Foundation will review to determine whether the program meets our grantmaking guidelines and funding focuses. All organizations will be notified of their status within 90 days.

Stage Two: Completing a Full Application

If the program is considered priority funding, The Foundation will invite the organization to complete a full Grant Application to learn more about the proposal.

Stage Three: The Foundation’s Due Diligence and Decision Making

Once received, The Foundation will evaluate the organization's full application and generally conduct a site visit.

Following The Foundation's due diligence, a recommendation will be presented to the Grants Committee and, if approved, the Committee will submit a recommendation to the Board Chair for a final funding decision.

Funding of approved projects will be made based on the timeframe established by the Board of Directors at the time of grant approval.

Note: There are no pre-set application deadlines. The Foundation awards grants throughout the year.


After a grant is awarded, The Foundation will work with the organization to monitor outcomes and compliance with the requirements established in the commitment letter -- generally a progress report halfway through the grant and an impact report at the conclusion. Follow-up site visits are also common.

If you are a current grantee and received an email from The Foundation to complete your progress or impact report, click here to log in to the Grant Management Portal.

Pending Applications

To access a Letter of Inquiry or Grant Application that you have started and saved, click here to log in to the Grant Management Portal.

Letter of Inquiry Application

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