Published when The Jim Moran Foundation first launched its website in 2001, our Founder provided personal insight about establishing his foundation in the following letter.

September 25, 2001

The creation of The Jim Moran Foundation is a very personal and wonderful dream in my life. As many of the people who I work with know, giving back to the community is cornerstone to the corporate philosophy of my company, JM Family Enterprises, Inc. And, for me, a young boy growing up in the Depression, it's my heart's desire. So, as I looked around in our neighborhoods and found more need than resources, I decided that I would make sure that my good fortune continued to provide for generations in the future.

With my family's support, The Jim Moran Foundation was established in 2000 as a non-profit charitable organization - 501(c)(3). The funding for The Foundation will be through a cooperative giving commitment from JM Family. I am confident that with my wife, Jan, as president of The Foundation, my family's involvement, and the help of trusted Foundation board members, my hope of making our country and community a better place for everyone to live will continue way beyond my years.

Please visit this website again soon as we plan to offer more information on The Foundation as we get up and running. It will be an exciting journey and I'm looking forward to sharing our news with the community.

My very best to you.